Contact Picker API Demo

Sorry! This browser doesn't support the Contact Picker API, which required for this demo. Try enabling the #enable-experimental-web-platform-features in chrome://flags and try again.

Access to the user’s contacts has been a feature of native apps since (almost) the dawn of time. The Contact Picker API is a new, on-demand picker that allows users to select an entry or entries from their contact list and share limited details of the selected contact(s) with a website. It allows users to share only what they want, when they want, and makes it easier for users to reach and connect with their friends and family.

Note: This demo requires Chrome 80 or later running on Android M or later to work properly.

This demo does not share or upload your contacts. It simply shows them on screen, and no contact data is transferred off this device.



See A Contact Picker for the Web for complete details on the API, including use cases, how it was designed, and how to use it.

Check out the source for this sample, or remix it on Glitch.